Turn Architects' Plans into Complete Wooden Structures - Everything in a Single ArchiCAD Model
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Bill of Materials, CNC and Prints


Automatic 2D Elevation with Boards and Panels


Trusses in 3D and in Element Elevations


Tools for Elements & Individual Planks


Multiple Layers and Corner Tool



ArchiFrame is an add-on that extends ArchiCAD into a complete design tool for wooden structures. ArchiFrame provides tools for designing wall framing, column and beam structures, intermediate floors and roof structures. These tools make it possible to reshape planks and beams in any way to get the desired result.

Everything you need is inside a single ArchiCAD file – including 3D models and 2D elevations with semi-automated layouts and listings. Individual planks can be hand manufactured using ArchiFrame dimension drawings and cut lists, or produced with CNC.


Compatible with the most recent ArchiCAD versions Win & Mac including SE.
Costs are similar to your local full ArchiCAD product with service contract included.

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