Company: Skanska Husfabrikken AS
Industry: Construction, Element production
Location: Norway
Year founded: 2007

Skanska Husbfabrikken are a subsidiary of Skanska Norway, delivering ready-made building modules and elements for buildings such as private homes, kindergartens, schools, prisons, health centres, shops, and construction barracks and rigs.


As well as delivering elements for Skanska Norway’s projects, Skanska Husfabrikken also supplies elements for external builders and customers.

Bjørn Salberg, BIM Co-ordinator at Skanska Husfabrikken, explains their modular building style and how ArchiFrame helps: “We build in a modular fashion where we create modules (also known as building sections) consisting of a floor element, a roof element, and wall elements. These modules are like building blocks that are then assembled to make larger entities at the construction site.

This modular way of building requires highly detailed element drawings because individual elements have all the necessary layers built into them before the assembly phase. We use ArchiFrame to make the detailed element drawings needed in our line of work.”

Why ArchiFrame?

Bjørn Salberg thinks ArchiFrame is ideal for element production: “We believe that ArchiFrame is the tool best suited for our needs.

We believe that ArchiFrame is the most powerful program of its kind able to produce highly detailed drawings and element lists. And since we also use Archicad, ArchiFrame was the logical option for us.”

Bjørn Salberg

BIM Co-ordinator Skanska Husfabrikken AS

“We use Archicad and ArchiFrame to produce structural drawings for wooden houses, and for element and module production. We have produced about 270 elements and 330 modules between the beginning of 2014 and January 2015. I can recommend ArchiFrame for similar use.”

Allan Møller
Prosjekteringsavdeling / Designing Department

Benefits of using ArchiFrame

“The combination of speed and flexibility makes it a really relevant tool for us, allowing us to constantly keep improving the way we use ArchiFrame.”

“ArchiFrame is a flexible and very fast tool that serves our needs well. We especially find ArchiFrame’s speedy support and the ability to tailor the program invaluable.”

Bjørn Salberg also values the personal touch Skanska Husfabrikken gets from the ArchiFrame team: “I have direct contact with Petteri at ArchiFrame. He answers any questions quickly and he is always ready with professional solutions.

Petteri is also very flexible and helpful when it comes to making modifications to ArchiFrame to better suit our needs.

This type of ongoing support is another good reason to stick with ArchiFrame.”

Most useful ArchiFrame features

  • Flexibility of software 
  • Excellent support
  • Detailed technical drawings made easy