Company: Kontiotuote Oy
Industry: Element production, log home manufacturer
Location: Finland
Year founded: 1972

Kontiotuote Oy, usually abbreviated to Kontio, is the world’s largest manufacturer of log homes. Internationally renowned and built from completely natural Arctic pine, Kontio log houses are durable enough to last for generations. Kontio has over 200 employees and as a company, Kontio focuses on longevity and quality. 

As the only end-to-end log home producer in the world, Kontio refines the timber product from raw lumber to finished log homes at the world’s largest log home factory in the world, located in Pudasjärvi, Finland. During its 45-year history, Kontio has produced over 50,000 log buildings around the world.

”We chose ArchiFrame for its versatility. The user experience has been positive and ArchiFrame has a lot of future potential. The quality of our structural designs has improved with the program and collaboration with the developer is effective.”

Samuli Kokko

Project Lead, Kontiotuote Oy, Finland