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Nope, it is by design. This way the structural engineer has things fully under control since she/he needs to anyway verify anything the automation may do. There is a semi-automated process to reflect changes in doors & windows to ArchiFrame-structures. Select something belonging to the target element and you have this option:

No, ArchiFrame uses its own floating online licence system. You can install ArchiFrame to any number of workstations and ArchiFrame will just limit the number of concurrent users.

You can for visualization only. But to get ArchiFrame really know about the cuts, please use only ArchiFrame-tools to edit the planks. Then you will have cnc-ouput, correct detail drawings of each piece and ArchiFrame is able to assign similar IDs to similar planks correctly.

Yes, many routines can be automated writing Lua-based ( scripts to ArchiFrame.

Sure, you can try ArchiFrame for free for two months. Please note you need Archicad from also to run ArchiFrame. Also, you can use free ArchiFrameFascia-tool and these ArchiFrame-tools for free;

6 free tools

Without a license these tools are available:

Yes, it does. In order for an element type to only be editable in a specific Archicad project, please tick the box “This type is available only for the current project file”. When e.g. archiving a project it is advisable to save an instance of your user specific folder (data_own) along with your archive.

Watch the video How to Set Up Your Data Folders in ArchiFrame on our YouTube channel.