Company: KW-Component Ltd
Industry: Element production
Location: Finland
Year founded: 2011

KW-Component Ltd is now part of Woodcomp Ltd and is a wood element production company from Finland.


KW-Component Ltd was established 2011 in Raahe, Finland. KW-Component Ltd  produces wooden elements and modules. The company turnover has been steadily growing and was 12 million Euros at the end of 2017. Currently they employ about 90 people.

Why ArchiFrame?

Often ArchiFrame is chosen due to the prevalence and popularity of Archicad; Risto Lehmonen, Structural Engineer, has been part of the company’s adoption of ArchiFrame and mentions Archicad’s strength as a key reason for choosing ArchiFrame.

 “My own work in the company started with the introduction of ArchiFrame and continues with structural and element design as well as developing quantity takeoffs from the Archicad-model to be used for production and element installation. I have used Archicad since 2011. I am especially fond of the system’s ease of use, sense of logic and flexibility.”

Risto Lehmonen

Structural engineer,
KW-Component Ltd

Benefits of using ArchiFrame

“ArchiFrame’s basic tools are better than in competing solutions and allow us to deal with exceptional cases.”

“To get good results, 3D modeling is an absolute must. It is easy to check detailed connections from the 3D model. BIMx-model is a great help in production and installations at building site. 

The biggest advantage in ArchiFrame compared to competing products is its ability to edit the model also in the 2D element drawings. ArchiFrame’s basic tools are better than in competing solutions and allow doing all exceptional cases also. Every update brings more automated tools to increase the design efficiency and quality.

For example, originally we did the chamfered window sill manually but now there is a single click option to have it in the wall elements. In my design work I have two main principles: no 2D line drawing, and quantity takeoffs are taken directly from the model without using a calculator. Archicad and ArchiFrame enables doing this perfectly!”

ArchiFrame allows for automation, expansion, and tighter control in manufacturing environments.

“In future our plans include adding automation for production and manufacturing of the raw parts. ArchiFrame’s CNC-connection is a good base for that.”

Most useful features of ArchiFrame

  • Good overall features for element production
  • CNC connection
  • Automation possibilities
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KW Components
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