BIM designed by architects

The original and best BIM software: Archicad

Archicad has saved designers, planners, and engineers precious time since 1984.

ArchiFrame runs on the Archicad platform. Archicad is a very powerful Building Information Tool developed by Graphisoft. Archicad is a complete design suite with in-built 2D and 3D drafting, visualization features, and other essential functions for architects, designers, and planners. Thanks to Archicad’s unique Virtual Building™ concept, designers and planners can store all essential design and building data in one central database. 

The latest versions of Archicad include a patent-pending Predictive Design™ technology, and the program runs on both Microsoft® Windows® and Mac® OS X 64-bit operating systems. 


Watch the Archicad 27 videos to learn more about the latest features and updates.

The ArchiFrame add-on transforms Archicad into a complete design tool for wooden structures so that architects and engineers can collaborate in a single synced Archicad file.

Conceptual design meets mass modeling

Archicad is revolutionary in the way it improves building workflow and on-site project management. From one single software, you can output elements to CNC, publish documents, and control the whole building design process.