Overhalla Hus

Company: Overhalla Hus AS
Industry: Timber construction, Residential and commercial construction, Element production
Location: Overhalla, Norway
Year founded: 1971


Overhalla Hus AS specialise in element manufacturing: creating houses and buildings that marry Norwegian craftsmanship with industrial production. Overhalla Hus is a 60-person strong company, sourcing the best from industrial manufacturing to be one of the country’s leading suppliers of prefabricated buildings.

About two years ago Overhalla switched its entire technical drawings process from another BIM software into ArchiFrame. The transformation project was headed up by Svenn Harald Hovd and his technical team, and Engineer Masab Annaqeeb coordinated the process by working very closely with ArchiFrame developers; Masab was responsible for creating Overhalla’s in-house templates in ArchiFrame.

Why ArchiFrame?

Efficiency was the main reason behind the move to Archicad and ArchiFrame. Already, ArchiFrame has been a massive help when it comes to cutting down the expensive re-draw phase.

Laying out their design process, Masab explains: “we inherit the architectural model and then our technical drawing team ensures the designs line up with how the prefabrication factory operates. Using ArchiFrame’s layout and drawings we work on manual adjustments, ending up with an accurate cut list and generated WUP files that we then send directly to the CNC machine.

Before ArchiFrame, it would literally take us months (up to 6 or 8 months on big projects) of re-drawing and checking blueprints to transform an architect’s design into a usable model for production. Now that we use ArchiFrame, it only takes us a couple of weeks to import the model and adjust it.

In my role I am continuously working towards shortening and improving a project’s draw phase.”

Moving to ArchiFrame also helped Overhalla be in step with the rest of the Norwegian construction industry. 

“It’s an asset to use a software that is so widely used in Norway: ArchiFrame is becoming industry standard”.

Benefits of using ArchiFrame

Archicad and ArchiFrame are a cost-effective package when it comes to all the different  features you get out-of-the-box. For Overhalla, ArchiFrame’s adjustable templates and ability to harmonise with internal processes made it a smart choice.

Giving Overhalla Hus a much faster element drafting experience was a tangible key benefit of the switch. ArchiFrame’s ability to deal with models from other software is also very appreciated.

“ArchiFrame helps with connectivity and communication. The ability to import IFC models means that we can use any original designs from architects and contractors as the basis for our models (something that the previous software was not so good at)”.

For Masab, the close collaboration with ArchiFrame’s technical team has been paramount to his success as an ArchiFrame user, allowing him to really “figure out how the software will work for us. With such an open environment, you need to create the correct workflow(s). We have continuous meetings about how things can be improved, what custom edits are needed for our elements etc. I really appreciate how the ArchiFrame team is very available whenever we have questions or doubts – that has been a very good experience.”

One further benefit is how, overall, ArchiFrame has allowed for the expansion of Overhalla’s commercial operations, creating an opportunity for the company to scale.

Most useful features of ArchiFrame

  • Connectivity, IFC model import features 
  • Templates that are adjustable and customisable 
  • Frame machinings tool (recent addition)

Masab Annaqeeb

Overhalla Hus AS