Company: Sievi Group Oy
Industry: Construction
Location: Finland
Year founded: 2011

Sievi Group Oy is a Finnish construction company specializing in building small residential homes and buildings.


After years of working with a number of unsatisfying design programs, 1-2 Tre decided to look further for a new design tool that would actually fit their needs. The company needed an efficient and user-friendly software that would cover the company’s entire element production process in detail. 

In 2016, 1-2 Tre first came across Archicad and its add-on, ArchiFrame. In the first three weeks, the company had already done their first production model, implementing the design using a Hundegger Speed Cut CNC -machine. 

A few weeks later, they expanded their scope of work with ArchiFrame and proceeded with the implementation of Weinmann WEK120 and WMS operation stations with wup-files for element assembly.   

Why ArchiFrame?

The use of ArchiFrame has streamlined 1-2 Tre’s production process significantly: ”What’s been important for us in the choice of switching to ArchiFrame are the visible adjustments and the control of every change and operation”, 1-2 Tre Designer, Jan Frode Nilsen, says.

Tuukka Kannisto

Head of Product, Sievi Group Oy

Benefits of using ArchiFrame

The main benefit has been increased efficiency and a more joined-up design and construction process.

“Our designers are innovative professionals and learning the ropes of a new program was easy. We are constantly developing and iterating our products and the ways in which we design them, so we need a robust software that is also constantly developing. This has been one of the strengths of ArchiFrame, because requested improvements and changes to the software have been turned around very quickly.”

“ArchiFrame also gives us the necessary CNC files that we can put to use at our modern factory in order to enable wide-scale automation. ArchiFrame is also capable of producing a complete bill of materials of elements needed for a specific design.

Thanks to its mobile application, the corresponding BIMx model can easily be accessed by people on the ground; we’ve had good feedback on the process so far: an easily rotatable 3D model makes their lives easier as well!”

Most useful ArchiFrame features

  • Unlimited & flexible design process
  • Good graphics
  • User-friendly