Arca Nova Element

Company: Arca Nova Element OÜ
Industry: Construction, Element production
Location: Juuru, Estonia
Year founded: 2007

Arca Nova Element OÜ is a part of Norwegian Arca Nova Gruppen, focused on real estate development and construction.


The company needed a time and cost-efficient software for their structural design processes, and felt their previous software was not meeting their performance demands. 

After scoping a range of different software and analyzing their features, the decision was made to use ArchiFrame.

Why ArchiFrame?

“ArchiFrame stands out for its logical structure, speed, and ease of use, as well as its strong user support. The software also continues to improve all the time!”, Peterson states.

Collaboration is also an important element: “Co-operation with architects has improved. ArchiFrame stands out for its logical structure, speed and ease of use, as well as strong user support.”

Jaanus Peterson

Designer, Arca Nova Element OÜ

Benefits of using ArchiFrame

Peterson finds that architect partnerships have improved immensely, thus benefiting the entire design and construction process. 

Arca Nova Element’s Designer, Jaanus Peterson, has seen a great improvement in every aspect of the design process: “The speed of working and the quality of the drawings have both risen to a new level. ArchiFrame allows you to create construction drawings with minimal time and expense”, he says.

Most useful features of ArchiFrame

  • Time- and cost-efficient modeling software
  • Quality and product development
  • Strong user support
Arca Nova