About us

On a mission to improve wooden design and structuring — ArchiFrame experts for almost a decade. 

We are proud to say that we have been developing ArchiFrame since 2009. In order to focus solely on our passion — wooden buildings & structures — we founded our dedicated company: ArchiSolutions, in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.


Géza Böhm

ArchiFrame development

Veera Einamo

Marketing executive

Benjamin Fischer

ArchiFrame development

Petteri Heiskari

CEO, ArchiFrame development

Maija Nikunen

Graphics, www and appearance

Péter Paalanen

ArchiFrame and GDL specialist

Kayleigh Töyrä

Marketing manager

Board of Directors

Pauli Jantunen

Petteri Heiskari

From design to production

Our commitment

Providing market-leading tools for wooden structural design.

Our goal

To extend our world-class, user-friendly Archicad solutions to structural design.

Our promise

We want our users to concentrate on real engineering work instead of error-prone routines like remodeling buildings.

Why ArchiFrame?

ArchiFrame allows you to streamline your entire building design processes — everything can be handled in a single model: from the architect’s designs through to CNC machines. This enhances build quality, and massively improves project (cost)efficiency.

Why Us?

We were there when it all started. Our coding team has built up a wealth of experience in BIM coding since the 1990s. We have developed successful solutions for many companies around the world, including consulting on complex building projects. We can create 100% tailored solutions thanks to our strong coding background.

Continued support

Once you are part of the ArchiFrame customer base, you will have continued access to our expertise. We will give you the tools for success, and provide you with training to enable you to improve your processes. 

Let us help you move to the next level.