Company: Designis
Industry: Architecture
Location: Groningen, Netherlands
Year founded: 2019


As an architectural design agency, Designis are ready to transform your ideas, drawings, and thoughts into a realized construction project. With a special emphasis on smart and sustainable building materials, Designis is an innovative design studio specializing in sustainable construction methods, frequently embracing alternative building materials and methods. 

“As a young architectural agency, we believe that natural materials and the reuse of our raw materials are paramount. In addition to the super insulating panels from SIP, we also output home designs made from natural materials, such as houses with a vapour-permeable construction, or laminated skeleton constructions in Kerto LVL or Cross Laminated Timber”.

Why ArchiFrame?

“With ArchiFrame we can keep everything inside Archicad. From architect to factory, design, engineering, production and build: everything is within the same program.”

Moreno Vrijma, Designer,  has been using ArchiFrame for 3 years at Designis and is pleased to see the journey they have been on when it comes to adopting ArchiFrame into their projects and processes – “ArchiFrame is something that can really work, but you have to commit to it, as some parts of the software take time to get to grips with. When you use Archicad, everything is possible, but you need to commit to it.”

One major ArchiFrame implementation that Moreno is proud of is how Designis has customized ArchiFrame, creating their own custom system and structure within the program. This makes exporting data and project set-up so much faster, as Moreno explains “Now that we understand all the ArchiFrame XML files better, we can use those XML files to customize a color and ID system unique to our project and schedule. This is a very useful way to set up clients”.

Another thing that appealed to Designis was ArchiFrame’s versatility, as Moreno explains: “You can use ArchiFrame only in the beginning of a project during the set-up, or then you can use it right up to the factory stage.”

In terms of support, this is working well for Designis, and they are in frequent contact with the technical team and Petteri, working on some of the more complex sides of ArchiFrame such as the export function.

Benefits of using ArchiFrame

“By using ArchiFrame we have managed to ensure that no double drawing work is done. We are very pleased with ArchiFrame.”

Moreno underlines the importance of understanding how ArchiFrame works within the wider project and construction ecosystem, and praises ArchiFrame’s ability to integrate with other important software and project elements.

“When exporting to CNC, you have to check everything! You may even need to speak to the Hundegger software makers to really understand how everything works”.

Moreno’s advice? “You really have to do one project from start to finish to know what you have to do within ArchiFrame. Learn how to work with ArchiFrame so that you can do things like automate cuttings.”

Now, after all this set-up, Designis are able to add value to their clients through how they are using ArchiFrame. As Moreno adds: “Once you figure it out, you actually have to do less work  as colors and measurements are all set up in ArchiFrame ready for you. This helps you manage and visualize projects.”

Most useful features of ArchiFrame

  • Customization through XML files
  • Integration with other construction software
  • No data loss as data is transferred along the project schedule

Moreno Vrijma and Casper Stinenbosch

Designis, Netherlands