Construction Planning Lindner

Company: Bauplanung Lindner
Industry: Construction
Location: Austria
Year founded: 2018

Bauplanung Lindner is a construction company focusing on concrete and wood building design.


Markus Lindner founded his own construction company, Bauplanung Lindner, in 2018. As a building designer Markus wanted to be in charge of the entire building process right through from design to the final end result. 

Working with two separate software programs was difficult and time-consuming, so Markus started to scope out his options when it came to finding a more efficient design program and process. As an Archicad user, Markus quickly found Archicad’s timber construction specialized add-on, ArchiFrame.

Why ArchiFrame?

The decision to use ArchiFrame was made based on its unique features for making wood construction more efficient. Markus Lindner had already found Archicad to be user-friendly, so the ArchiFrame add-on was a natural choice when it came to designing wooden elements.

Markus Lindner

Master, Construction Planning Lindner

Benefits of using ArchiFrame

The main benefit has been increased efficiency and a more joined-up design and construction process.

Bauplanung Lindner’s latest project plans have been made using ArchiFrame. Despite the company continuing to build in brick and concrete as well as wood, the same construction method is applied wherever possible. “I want to also use ArchiFrame for designing crossbeams and roof structures for non-timber projects,” Markus adds.

Most useful features of ArchiFrame

  • Unlimited & flexible design process
  • Good graphics
  • User-friendly

“For a planning office like mine that creates draft models, visualizations, and implementation plans; submits planning applications for authorities, and produces factory plans with CNC data, ArchiFrame and Archicad are the ideal tools.

Before finding ArchiFrame, I worked with Archicad to create design models, visualizations, and planning applications. For the factory planning phase, I used to have to switch to another program. Now that I’ve found ArchiFrame, the tedious switching between the two programs and the associated extra work has been eradicated.

Archiframe is also the perfect tool for planning that involves roofs or anything to do with bars or metal profiles. I no longer want to construct a design plan or a planning application without ArchiFrame.”