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Birkeland AS, Norway
Diagram of Birkeland's factory setup

We have used ArchiFrame since 2012. I think ArchiFrame & ArchiCAD are the best software for framing in the market.

- Ove Frøitland Designer, Birkeland Bruk


Honkarakenne Oyj, Finland
How Honkarakenne uses ArchiCAD and ArchiFrame in their business

We have used ArchiFrame since 2011. We get everything from the brochure to the CNC-output from ArchiCAD, ArchiFrame and ArchiLogs. We are very pleased with this setup.

- Tanja Rytkönen Vice President Design, Honkarakenne


Jörnträ, Sweden

At Jörnträ we use ArchiFrame as a tool to streamline our design process. We use ArchiFrame to model walls, floors and roof structures. We are very pleased with the results so far.

- Patrik Eriksson Civil engineer, discipline construction, Jörnträhus

KW-Component Oy

KW-Component Ltd, Finland

I am especially fond of the system’s ease of use, logicalness and flexibility. To get good results, 3D modelling is an absolute must. It is easy to check detailed connections from the 3D model. BIMx-model is a great help in production and installations at building site. The biggest advantage in ArchiFrame compared to competing products is its ability to edit the model also in the 2D element drawings. ArchiFrame’s basic tools are better than in competing solutions and allow doing all exceptional cases also. Every update brings more automated tools to increase the design efficiency and quality. In my design work I have two main principles: no 2D line drawing, and quantity takeoffs are taken directly from the model without using calculator. ArchiCAD and ArchiFrame enables doing this perfectly!

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- Risto Lehmonen Structural engineer, KW-Component Ltd


PÖLL GmbH, Austria

Archiframe enables us to make the perfect transition from sophisticated planning software to an intelligent and, above all, intuitive production tool for timber construction. The problem of working with different programs on the one hand to get a perfect plan, a vivid visualization and a factory planning incl. CNC interface has been solved for us with ArchiFrame. ARCHIFRAME is the optimal tool for individual timber construction.

- Wolfgang Poell MSc Civil Engineer, Managing director Ludwig Pöll GmbH

- Matthias Poell MSc Civil Engineer, Managing director Ludwig Pöll GmbH


Skanska Husfabrikken AS, Norway

We use ArchiCAD and ArchiFrame to produce structural drawings for wooden houses, and for element and module production. We have produced about 270 elements and 330 modules between the beginning of 2014 and January 2015. I can recommend ArchiFrame for similar use.

- Allan Møller Prosjekteringsavdeling/Designing Department, Skanska Husfabrikken AS

VVR Wood Oy

VVR Wood Oy, Finland

ArchiCAD & ArchiFrame are by far the most user-friendly of all the BIM software we have encountered. ArchiFrame’s biggest advantage over its competitors is the system’s flexibility and custom features, allowing for a far more tailored solution. One of the most helpful time-saving features is the ability to implement a prefabricated wooden structure with just one click — automation gets it right every time! When designing simple structures, our internal design time has already been halved across the board; but even when designing more complex structures, we have been able to get the same results in about a third of the time it used to take us. And now with ArchiFrame’s new innovative replication and mirroring functions, we expect design time to fall again. One of the key advantages of ArchiFrame is that it virtually eliminates human error thanks to the system’s in-built warning messages and its ability to update the changes automatically to all related 2D-documents.

- Ville Valve Production Manager, VVR Wood Ltd


YIT Rakennus Oy, Finland

YIT Rakennus Oy, element factory at Hämeenlinna chose ArchiCAD & ArchiFrame

We selected the ArchiCAD & ArchiFrame package because of its user-friendliness, flexibility, and suitability for a wide range of diverse projects. We also wanted to improve both the quality and efficiency of our design process by using 3D modelling. The ability to control CNC-machines directly from the program is an interesting possibility for future projects.

- Harri Alanen Factory Manager, YIT Rakennus Oy

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Ökoehituse, Estonia

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