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We are thrilled to announce the winner of our international architectural contest Prefab 2030.

The aim of the contest was to find a wooden prefab house that will create the basis for a new kind of prefabricated community. Sustainable and scalable, we were looking for beautiful, prefabricated houses that will get contractors excited to build them and people excited to live there. We were looking for an innovative and inventive design that would get people inspired.

Before we get to the results, we would like to thank all the contest participants as well as members of the jury and all of the team behind the contest; thank you for your support and advice: we could not have done it without you. It has been an honor to run the competition and see people around the world come together over wooden prefab design and constructions.

Contest winner: A well-presented design that was both simple & unique

prefab 2030 winner

The panel of judges was unanimous in awarding the 1st prize in the Prefab 2030 design competition to Geodesic.Life:

The shape of the building is unique and stands out among the other contest proposals. The judges appreciated the simplicity and clarity of the building’s form, combined with realistic solutions to challenges presented by the  possible realisation of the building. The presentation was well executed and easy to read. The information presented in the proposal corresponded to the competition brief.

“The entry’s design is simplistic, yet at the same time it challenges ArchiFrame in the variety of elements distributed along the x, y and z axis. The presentation was well set out and included all the necessary information to fully meet the competition’s challenge. “

“This was a unique design with interesting geometric angles. It was well thought-out with an easy-to-understand plan.”

The effective use of ArchiFrame was received praise among the judges:

“The design had an original use of ArchiFrame that I greatly appreciated. The drawings display the opportunities of using ArchiFrame in a unique way. “

Geodesic.Life: meet the contest winner

Located in Kiyv, Ukraine, Geodesic.Life aims to provide affordable and sustainable prefabricated dome homes for families seeking clean air and a green future.

“Designed for the best daylight penetration this house provides an outstanding level of comfort with an  automatic air ventilation system.”

Geodedic dome homes have an optimal building envelope area that is 33% lower when  compared to a conventional rectangular house, which leads to less material costs and lower energy bills.

Sustainability in all things is a leading value for Geodesic.Life. Their homes have lower embodied CO2 emissions due to the building materials used, and they are constantly seeking for new solutions to help make their designs  totally carbon neutral. Geodesic also favour  homes that have additional solar panels for generating energy.

The winning team consist of:

  • Eugene Kuzmenko – Generic, Exterior and Engineering design (Archicad, Acidome)
  • Tanya Filipenko – Architectural and BIM design (Archicad, ArchiFrame)
  • Leonila Yakymyshym – Generic Design, Sustainability metrics (SketchUp, 3dmax)
  • Anna Hotts – Generic Design, Sustainability metrics (Active House tools)
  • Asya Syvolob – Generic Design, Marketing materials

3rd party:

  • OK Design – Interior design and rendering
  • Olga Kryvoruchko
  • Irina Yavtushenko

3rd party:

  • Michail Spotar – Frame design (SolidWorks)

Read more about Geodesic.Life:

Geodesic.Life website

Geodesic.Life Facebook page

Geodesic.Life LinkedIn page

The second prize and honorable mention

The second entry that caught the attention of the panel of judges was a design by M.Sc. Labinot M. Morina from Kosovo. The jury found the work to be very well-executed both visually and technically.

Prizes for the winners

  • The contest winner, will receive the top prize, a joint ArchiFrame & Archicad licences for 1 year (prize worth over 8 000 USD). 
  • The second prize that we grant for Labinot M. Morina is a 1 year ArchiFrame licence.

ArchiFrame congratulates the winners!

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