ArchiFrame 2022 Is Live: New Features List

Get to know the new version of ArchiFrame

So what are some of the changes that the new ArchiFrame is bringing to the table?

The most important new updates enable:

  • attaching a new plank to an existing element
  • adding new corner covering planks, and
  • displaying detailed dimensions in board elevation drawings.


There are also other key improvements such as:

  • improved element IDs
  • element-related improvements
  • improved display settings and
  • new options for exports and joints.


ArchiFrame also now offers:

  • improved access to the extended plank tools through the main menu
  • a Portuguese option for the UI
  • an Italian library option when you install ArchiFrame, and
  • support for Archicad 26.


Watch the embedded video below for more detailed info on what is new, plus detailed instructions on how to leverage the new features.

For a full list of ArchiFrame 2022 updates, please see the afversions PDF file linked below:


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