the ARCHICAD extension for wooden structures

An innovative design suite for wooden structures that combines engineering with aesthetics so you can model, frame, and output wooden beams, planks, and structures from a single Archicad file. Archicad has plenty of powerful tools like TeamWork™, multiple import and export options, and the ability to overlay MEP engineering over a structural model for collision checking.

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Save time and money

With ArchiFrame, you don’t have to do error prone re-modeling from the architect’s plans. It will save you time and money. Having everything in the same model makes collision checking easy.

Design and build

  • Wooden wall framing
  • Wooden structures
  • Column/beam structures
  • Wooden flooring (including intermediate flooring and floors)
  • Steel framing
  • Roof structures


Take advantage of all the flagship Archicad features you know and love: e.g. TeamWork™ in both Windows and Mac. Archicad users won’t need to re-learn the base program in order to use ArchiFrame – start creating immediately.


  • Every plank is individual and fully editable, giving you infinite flexibility and building scope.
  • You can modify your design in any view – including element elevations.
  • Highly customizable via XML settings and scripts.


ArchiFrame is already being used in over 15 countries. ArchiFrame is known for its ease of use, powered by the advanced tools of Archicad. Visit our website for more user experiences.

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