VVR Wood & ArchiFrame: ArchiFrame User Review & Wood Element Factory Visit

Transcript for the video “VVR Wood & ArchiFrame: ArchiFrame User Review & Wood Element Factory Visit”

(00:48) My name is Ville Valve and I’m the co-founder of VVR Wood. I run the design and development in our company. VVR Wood is a fast-growing timber construction company and we mainly focus on large scale timber constructions.

(01:14) In wood element production, we typically have a lot of different parts and details and most of the work is done off site, so it is essential for us to make sure that every part fits together when it’s finished on the building site.

(01:32) So information management and flow of the information during that process, it’s very important for us. Using wood helps us to reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings. It’s also a very suitable material for off site construction, so it helps us to improve the efficiency and quality of the construction. And also, it’s a natural material that most of the people like to see and feel.

(02:08) Large scale investors and construction companies are trying to find ways to make buildings more environmentally friendly and also they are trying to improve the efficacy of the building processes. Timber element construction is a very viable way of achieving both of these goals. Our production process starts with the architect’s 3D model, and we break walls and slabs to a different element types and then design those elements.

(02:41) And typically our models can have hundreds of different elements and tens of thousands of different parts. And we have to make sure that this information flows through the construction process and is usable in every part of the process.

(03:05) Kerto Ripa is an element type made from LVL using structural gluing. It allows us to make long-span floors and roofs without the use of large beams. This way we can make the elements actually thinner without reducing the capacity of the elements.

(03:31) ArchiFrame is a very important tool for us because we designed everything that we do using ArchiFrame.

(03:58)One of the most important features of our program is the flexibility of the program. In our projects, typically, we have many different types of elements and the construction types are changing in every project. So we have to be able to make different types, different drawing layouts, different parts and the flexibility of ArchiFrame allows us to define the element types by ourselves and change them according to our needs.

(04:30)For us, ArchiFrame is a digital tool and an important part of software automation, which helps our designers to make the routine work faster and more accurate and so they can focus on the most important parts of the building project.

(04:53) In choosing ArchiFrame, one of the most important aspects was the strong integration with Archicad. It’s software which is used in a lot of architectural designers’ offices and this allows us to work more closely with the architects and also we don’t have to give other designers so many restrictions and guides to be able to integrate in our design processes.

(05:31) Every project is different. We have to be able to meet our customers’ needs.