Contest Terms and Conditions

ArchiFrame & Archicad Global Contest

Prefab 2030

Terms and conditions

1. ArchiSolutions Oy, a limited company, sets forth the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) which regulate the architecture and design competition hosted on (the “Website”). Competitions hosted on the ArchiFrame Website are administered by ArchiSolutions Oy (the “Organizer”). 

2. ArchiSolutions Oy reserves the right to assign judges, agents, or other authorised administrator to administer its competitions, including making any decision or exercising such decisions at its discretion. 

3. ArchiSolutions Oy reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. 

4. By entering this competition, the Entrant agrees to these Terms and Conditions set out below and agrees that all submissions adhere to these Terms and Conditions.

Entrant Eligibility

5. This contest is open to anyone (“Entrants”) aged 18 and over.

6. Members of the judging panel are prohibited from entering the competition. 


7. In order to participate in the Competition, Entrants must register through the ArchiFrame registration form (“Registration”). 

8. Entrants may register and make a submission either individually or as a team. 

9. Submission (“Submission”) must be the original work of the Entrant.

10. Entrants are prohibited from the sale, assignment, or transfer of any of their submission rights to a third party. 

11. All Submissions must strictly conform to the Terms and Conditions and the Rules and Guidelines set out in the Competition Brief. 

12. Submissions to the Competition should be made solely through the specified upload process, access to which is granted upon successful Registration. Submissions received by email or any other delivery method will not be considered. 

Ensuring the Integrity of the Competition

13. To ensure Entrant anonymity and to protect the integrity of the Competition, upon registering the Entrant will use an Alias. All information collected regarding the Entrant will be stored under their Alias. 

14. All Submissions shall be devoid of any marks, logos, symbols, or signs that may identify its authority or source. Any infringement of these rules will lead to immediate disqualification. 

15. The judging panel will be made aware of an Entrant’s’ identity only after the winners have been selected. 


16. By entering the competition, the Entrant acknowledges and accepts that all aspects of any Submission – including but not limited to narratives, descriptions, details, images, illustrations, and animations – may be used by the Organiser for publicity purposes. 

Entrant Disqualification

17. Submissions that do not comply with the submission guidelines or contain any registered trademarks or designs shall be disqualified. 

18. All Submissions received after the Submission closing date will be automatically disqualified. 

Cancellation of the Competition

19. ArchiSolutions Oy reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Competition or alter the Competition rules at any stage, if in its opinion it is considered necessary, or if circumstances arise outside of its control. 

Selection of the Winner 

20. The decision of the Judges Panel is final, no appeals will be entertained and no further correspondence shall be entered into.

21. If the selected winning Entrant can not accept, receive or becomes ineligible for the prize for any reason, the prize shall be awarded to the next highest ranking Submission from the remaining entries that meet the winning criteria. 

22. Unless stated otherwise the Organizer’s association with the Competition judges is not legally binding and does not imply any contract or partnership. 


23. Prize is announced in the Competition Brief.

24. ArchiSolutions Oy will endeavor to send prizes within 30 working days after the Competition result announcement. 

Publicity and Promotion

25. Upon request Entrants agree to participate in Promotional activities and Publicity arrangements in respect to the Competition. The Organizer is authorised to use all statements made by the Entrant in connection with the Competition without additional approval. 

26. Organizer reserves the right to run promotions on the Website, as well as to discontinue any of its promotions at any time. 

Intellectual Property Right and Copyright 

27. Intellectual property Right and Copyright of ArchiSolutions Oy are governed by Copyright Law of European Union (Finland), stating that copyright belongs to its author. 

28. No Entrants shall receive or be entitled to receive any payment in any form for Submissions or for granting the Organizer right of their use, other than the Prize as advertised in Competition brief. 

29. By entering the Competition all Entrants grant to the Organizer an unrestricted, worldwide, irrevocable and royalty-free license (but not the obligation) to use his/her Submission as follows: publicly display by any means and in any media now and hereafter known, copy, modify, translate and/or adapt, archive and distribute in relation to Competitions and Publicity purposes without any further notice or remuneration to the Entrant. 

30. The Entrant reserves an equal right to publish, reproduce and use his/her work (Submission) without limitation. 

31. All credits in connection with the Submission are associated with the registered Entrant’s name. Organizer shall (but is not obliged to) make a reasonable effort to display the author’s name on any Submission whenever published or otherwise featured. 

Liability Indemnity 

32. By entering the Competition, all Entrants agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless the Organizer and its partners, representatives and judges from any claims, losses, damages, expenses and liabilities (including attorney’s fees and settlement fees) arising out of their participation, Entrant’s participation, Submission or any Competition related activities. 

33. By entering the Competition, all Entrants agree to release, discharge, and indemnify the Organizer and its partners, representatives and judges from any claims, losses, damages, expenses and liabilities (including attorney’s fees and settlement fees) brought by any third party against the Organiser due to or arising out of the Entrant’s Submission, Organizer’s use of Entrant’s Submission or Entrant’s participation in competition, including claims for copyright and trademark infringement. 

34. By entering the Competition, all Entrants agree that any disputes, claims and causes of action between Entrant and Organizer arising out of or connected with a Competition or any prize awarded shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of legal action or class action. 

35. Unless otherwise stated, Competitions are design concept only and do not imply Organizer’s intention for the proposals to be constructed or built. 

Governing Law

36. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and in accordance with the laws of European Union (Finland)