Maija Nikunen graafinen suunnittelija

Meet Maija Nikunen: the creative talent behind the ArchiFrame brand

Maija has been on the ArchiFrame journey for a long time – right from the beginning in fact.

Maija worked with Petteri on the very first graphic iterations of the ArchiFrame brand, bringing her own creative and precise style to the table. Proof of a successful collaboration? That very same visual language can still be seen today!

Hear more about how the ArchiFrame brand was born, and how branding and BIM work together to create something free and expressive.

Setting the right tone from day one

Maija started working with Petteri in 2012 right in the beginning when “ArchiFrame had no graphic look and everything needed doing! And I mean everything: logo, brand colours, look, fonts, websites, user interface graphics etc.”

Working with an exciting new BIM startup like ArchiFrame was a dream assignment – “the situation was ideal for me as a graphic designer, as I could really create the brand’s entire visual identity from the ground up. I didn’t have to follow any graphic rules created by someone else, and I was free to explore”.

This freedom to create and design something new is what initially inspired Maija, and as over the years the ArchiFrame product family has continued to expand and grow, there have been plenty of opportunities to revisit that creative freedom.

A decade of ArchiFrame branding

By now, Maija is a pro at all things ArchiFrame branding and enjoys the variety that comes with working with a constantly evolving brand.

“All the visual assignments from ads to websites to product campaigns have been enjoyable to create. In terms of memorable projects, at the end of last year, we updated the website with a fresher look and feel. In addition, the Prefab2030 competition we launched a year ago was a very visually exciting project, and pretty innovative in terms of content too. The next campaign is already under construction, so watch this space!”.

For Maija, this variety keeps her from getting bored at work, and it also dovetails into how she approaches her personal development:

“I like combining many skills and areas for self-development in my work. I have to follow industry trends and maintain my own technical skills – programs and techniques are constantly evolving”.

Keeping up with the pace of change and maintaining a fresh outlook are essential when it comes to managing a global brand.

Working together leaves room for creativity and self-expression

At ArchiFrame, Maija enjoys collaborating with a wide range of experts – “my colleagues are excellent to work with – with everyone being so skilled in their respective fields, the cooperation is always smooth. ArchiFrame is an inspiring working environment. My own experience is that creators are allowed to shine”. This ability to express yourself is key to how ArchiFrame operates together.

For Maija, working in Finland in her own office is something that she thrives on: “the best things about where I work are the ergonomics, the calmness, and the overall freedom of my work environment”.

This ability to focus and create feeds into Maija’s lifelong passion for music: “I compose, write lyrics, and produce music in my own time – currently my favourite hobby. I also make graphics and videos for my music projects. I even have a full length album (metal album) in the works! My other hobbies include basic everyday exercise like jogging”.

In terms of advice for other graphic artists and designers, Maija encourages curiosity: “in the field of graphics, a general interest in many things is good. You should follow trends and develop yourself on an ongoing basis.”

Visual communication is key in our industry. Fostering a creative and well-balanced work environment ensures that we can continue to deliver great software and experiences to our customers. We look forward to sharing the next iterations of the ArchiFrame product family

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