Getting to know Géza: Archicad Specialist & Add-on Developer

One of the great things about having a global business is working with talented people from around the world. And we at ArchiFrame are lucky to have Archicad pro and add-on developer, Géza Böhm, join us from his home country, Hungary.

A sustainability advocate with a passion for maths, let’s learn a little bit more about an ArchiFrame team member many of you may not yet be familiar with…

Following Archicad for 20+ years

Géza has seen the development of Archicad and BIM software from up close. One of the things that inspires him and has kept him going all this time is helping people realize their ideas and services in Archicad. For Géza, there is a real buzz in making things possible.

At ArchiFrame, Géza’s knowledge of Archicad is invaluable. He is a pro in the ergonomy of dialogs in Archicad, developing business logic in C/C++ in accordance with the API provided by Graphisoft, and exporting BIM data in various formats (XML, JSON, IFC, aso) – just to name a few!

At ArchiFrame, Géza works in ArchiFrame core development, specialising in features related to Graphisoft’s API.

Succeeding with agile methodologies

Géza first remembers getting involved with ArchiFrame when Petteri contacted him over LinkedIn about possible development tasks.

“He was very welcoming and I dove into the software core quickly. It was a successful collaboration and I felt it was an honour to work with him and develop ArchiFrame together”.

In terms of working together as a team, Géza really appreciates “Petteri’s helpful and constructive attitude. I get answers to my questions fast, he understands my problems and any blockers. He is a very good guide and also a personal friend”.

“The second best thing is the size of the software: it is large enough to challenge us with complex tasks, but small enough to enable experiencing tangible results fast”.   

The agile nature of ArchiFrame development is a benefit that Géza is pleased to be able to pass on to ArchiFrame customers. Working in this way makes complex customizations, add-ons, and rapid support and deployment possible.

Seeing the balance in everything

Géza is fascinated by the duality of the work he does and the software he works with.

“CAD software provides two interesting things at the same time: deep theoretical background combined with impressive visuals where you can see the tangible results of your work”.

Another way that Géza likes to put things into practice is with his environmental passions. “I consider the protection of the environment important, so I started an eco-farming project, putting my time and energy into understanding ecology and self-sufficiency. Even though this specific project is now over, I am still involved in the ecovillage network”.

Living close to nature and his loved ones is made possible by working where he lives, in Budapest, Hungary. “I like working from home, so my relatives and friends are still near”.

Géza’s advice for future BIM stars: “Learn maths, learn maths, learn maths. And logic”.

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