Péter Paalanen: Architect & BIM Specialist helping new ArchiFrame clients 

Péter Paalanen has over 20 years of architectural experience around the world, with a passion for creativity, digitalization, and following your heart.

He is an Archicad & ArchiFrame specialist who works on customizing ArchiFrame and supporting its users around the world. (He also makes amazing pesto).

Let’s find out a little bit more about the BIM aficionado behind those support requests…

Joining ArchiFrame at the forefront of digitalization

Péter has worked as an architect since 2000, his portfolio including prestigious projects like the competition entry for the Tampere Art Museum with Juha Leiviskä.

Joining the ArchiFrame team back in 2019 as an ArchiFrame Specialist, Péter helps with product development, feedback, and customer operations.

Joining ArchiFrame was a decision he made quite spontaneously :“Petteri made me an offer I could not refuse, luring me in with promises of trips to Italy”.

The things that Péter likes the most about working for ArchiFrame?

“The team here at ArchiFrame is full of awesome people. At the same time, I really enjoy operating in and forming the avantguard of building digitalization”.

Being able to work with the latest technologies and BIM processes helps keep things engaging. In fact, things never get boring as he gets to “learn new things all the time” and Péter’s global outlook is well suited to working with ArchiFrame clients around the world.

Architecture should reflect life, not lone creative genius

As an architect, Péter Paalanen sees building as a creative act, but one where there should always be a focus on harmony and human scale. In great architecture, there is little room for the lone creative genius pursuing self-expression.

“As an architect, you have to challenge your own choices and their validity on a continuous basis, leaving space for how the space will be eventually occupied and lived in”.

Creativity and functionality are inherent to every architectural assignment.

Péter brings invaluable architectural insights to ArchiFrame, influencing the development of the product, and shaping our customer operations.

Working together in an act of co-creation

One of Péter’s most loved parts of the job is working together with customers to achieve efficiency, a recent example being his hands-on collaboration with Willa Nordic that has resulted in extensive customization of ArchiFrame.

Péter works mostly in Helsinki, but location doesn’t really matter to him. A creative soul, he enjoys the flexibility of working with a global company.           

Outside of work, Péter enjoys “architecture, music, hanging out with the kids”. His most important piece of advice? “Follow your heart”.

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