Kayleigh Töyrä CMO

Breaking BIM Barriers: A CMO’s global perspective on growth hacking ArchiFrame

As the CMO at ArchiFrame, I find myself reflecting on my journey in this dynamic and traditionally male-dominated field of construction and engineering. Things are changing, and I am happy to be part of that change. After many years of working with ArchiFrame, I am attached to the engaging and fast-paced world of BIM where I have been able to make friends and connections around the world! It’s one of those wonderful quirks of life that I have found my feet in BIM.

Fulfilling role that matches my values

One of the reasons I feel so fulfilled in my role at ArchiFrame is the company’s mission and values.

ArchiFrame is not just a company chasing profits; it’s a community of independent thinkers dedicated to transforming the construction landscape. At the same time, we don’t waste time on vanity metrics or chasing clout ,but focus on doing the things that we do well.

The ArchiFrame commitment to employee well-being, innovation, and client satisfaction creates a workplace that resonates with my personal values. I feel like I can be myself and like our work is valued: we are listened to.

International community

One of the most joyful parts of my job is working with such an international and diverse group of people! From resellers and users around the world, to trial users in literally the four corners of the globe, I get to speak to people from all over the place. One recent great memory is from BAU in Munich (pictured above) where I got to speak to our German and Austrian reseller community, as well as talk to people from all over the world.

Listening to their unique stories and challenges, learning more about how BIM is used throughout the world, is something I will never get tired of!

Why ArchiFrame?

I kind of fell into working at ArchiFrame during a transitional career change and a move, and many years later (including another move), I am still here.

I started with translating the website, took over the digital marketing, and never looked back. I have grown with the company through a period of digital transformation: creating our marketing stack and running a whole range of customer experience upgrades.

I liked the flexibility and freedom ArchiFrame offered me as a marketer.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Working with a diverse team of individuals from around the world has been one of the most inspiring aspects of my career at ArchiFrame. Our global collaboration brings together a rich well of perspectives, ideas, and experiences. I love the fact that we are creating a product that can be used across the world.

Working in BIM as an “outsider”

What makes my journey at ArchiFrame particularly unique is that I didn’t come into the role with a background in BIM. As someone who lacks experience in the technical aspects of our industry, I am reliant on colleagues and partners for that aspect.

However, this challenge became an opportunity for personal and professional growth. The encouragement and support I received from my colleagues made the transition smoother, allowing me to thrive in an environment that champions continuous learning.

Curiosity drives me deeper

One of the aspects I cherish most about my role is the necessity to remain curious. In a compact team and fast-paced working environment, I constantly find myself exploring new avenues and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of marketing.

ArchiFrame’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation pushes me to think outside the box, fostering an environment where creativity and strategic thinking are highly valued.

What we have achieved, what we want to achieve

The compact nature of our team also allows me to flex my marketing skills and engage in growth hacking—a thrilling aspect of my job that keeps me on my toes. The need for versatility in my role has been an incredible opportunity to develop a well-rounded skill set and has undoubtedly contributed to my professional development.

Witnessing the growth and maturation of ArchiFrame has been nothing short of inspiring. The company’s embrace of automation reflects its commitment to efficiency and staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry. Being part of this journey has not only allowed me to contribute to the company’s success but has also been a testament to the power of innovation. I love how much we continue to push the envelope and challenge ourselves, whether that’s running the Prefab2030 contest in 2022 or launching our recent user training webinars. 

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