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Getting Going with ArchiFrame – New Training Opportunities

We know that getting started with ArchiFrame can require a fair bit of work, so we have recently been making efforts to make getting started with ArchiFrame easier.

Setting up the program on your PC or Mac, configuring your library, creating your first element and adjusting its settings: we want to give you the tools to succeed with ArchiFrame.

In our experience, the only way to really decide on whether ArchiFrame is right for you, is to get to test out of the software and see what it can actually do. Once you have crossed that first hurdle, we think you will like discovering what ArchiFrame can do!

Training videos on our YouTube channel

On our YouTube channel, we have a specially-designed Getting Started playlist that takes you through the entire ArchiFrame set-up process, beginning from the download and installation of ArchiFrame:

Did you know that the process for downloading and installing ArchiFrame is the same whether you are using the AF Start, AF Edu version for students, ArchiFrame Trial, or the full ArchiFrame licence version?

How to get an ArchiFrame trial – details here. We offer a 30-day commercial trial to give you enough time to follow through key BIM workflows using ArchiFrame.

Are you a student? We offer the free AF Edu licence designed to support you during your studies. Use it with your educational Archicad licence.

New weekly training sessions

We are also now offering free drop-in training during the Trial, Start and Edu periods. Get in touch if you have any questions, the details are below:

New trial user training session (weekly)
Tuesdays · 1:00 – 2:00pm
Time zone: Europe/London (GMT)
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:

Feel free to come along and speak directly to the support team.

Archicad training

Obviously, ArchiFrame testing will also bring up Archicad training needs, especially for those who are not already existing Archicad users.

Graphisoft has a good learning portal:, which is a good place to start. YouTube also has a lot of good Archicad training videos, and local Archicad resellers often run workshops and training programs.

Get your free Archicad trial here.

Getting support

Not everything can be explained in a video, we know! Come along to the training session or email if you have a specific support query. Please include screenshots and details so that the support team can help you to the best of their abilities.

Training opportunities

Depending on your area, your local ArchiFrame reseller may be able to offer personalised ArchiFrame training. You can also get customised and personalised training from the central team too; this is usually best done during the first year of being an ArchiFrame user.

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