ArchiFrame Trial Download Tutorial: Get help with your trial [Videos]

We offer a free ArchiFrame trial licence that lasts for 30 days that is open to anyone, anywhere. During that free trial period we want to ensure that you make the most of testing out ArchiFrame, so we have set out some videos and tutorials to help you get set up and work on your projects using ArchiFrame.

We know that only by testing ArchiFrame on live projects and work will you get a realistic feel for how things work. We hope that one day you will make the most of ArchiFrame in your work.

How to get a trial ArchiFrame licence?

All you need to do is head over to the download form, available in 6 languages:


As always, you can contact our support team if you have any problems with the registration process (

What does the trial licence include?

The trial licence is essentially a full version of the ArchiFrame software, but it is only valid for 30 days.

How to download and install ArchiFrame

Watch this detailed tutorial to find out how to install ArchiFrame properly, including where to save important files and information.

Getting set up with ArchiFrame

In this video, we break down the set-up process so that you can get going with using ArchiFrame. We go over the required additions you need to make to your Archicad template. Also, this video covers the initial steps to adjust ArchiFrame to your needs.  

There is more information on setting up the data folder and the user-specific settings in the manual.

It is important to make a good template – please consult your local Archicad vendor or check some videos of the topic to learn more.

Adding your first pieces

Here we break down how you can jump-start your ArchiFrame experience to get the first results quickly. To master using ArchiFrame better, please go through the Getting Started playlist.

More information on Add and edit planks from the manual:

Add & Edit element tool from the manual:

ArchiFrame manual:

We hope you enjoy using ArchiFrame and check out our YouTube channel for handy tutorials and demos:

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