Meet AF Start: Our Free ArchiFrame for Architects & Creators

Creating a house in Archicad?

Model the structure with ease and efficiency using ArchiFrame Start. AF Start is a free ArchiFrame BIM toolkit developed for architects and building designers.

Why use AF Start?

  • Bridge the gap between design and production
  • Free up your time and creativity
  • Use tried-and-tested ArchiFrame workflows.

How to download and install AF Start

You can download AF Start from here: The video below is a detailed installation guide for downloading a trial: the process is pretty much identical. 

What is AF Start and how do I use it?

AF Start is essentially a toolkit. It is totally free and includes the following useful features to help you model a house efficiently:

  • Fascia tool that builds on Archicad’s profile beam tool. ArchiFrame learns
    the process and applies your fascia boards to any roof at the push of a button.
  • ArchiCorners helps you add cover boards to your corners with precision quickly.
  • Add and edit planks.
  • Convert to planks: convert selected Archicad walls, beams or columns into ArchiFrame planks.
  • Cut and join planks in a variety of ways.
  • Combine planks and easily edit plank joins and endings.
  • Join target planks to operators, or trim the planks to size e.g. to fit a roof.
  • Make balk joints, with either the balk intact or narrowed.
  • Cut grooves into specific elements.

How can I learn more about AF Start?

We have created this handy YouTube series that goes into more detail about how each individual tool included in AF Start works:

You will also benefit from watching the Getting Started series here:

Got a question? You can email us at

More details on our AF Start page.

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