Some of you might not be aware of this, but we have a wealth of practical wood building videos and tutorials (in both Finnish and English) on our ArchiFrame YouTube channel. The idea behind our videos is to help ArchiFrame users to get the most out of ArchiFrame and answer common support questions we get from our customers.

One of the most popular videos of all time has been our tutorial on how to create a roof structure in ArchiFrame that takes you through the exact process of creating a roof structure complete with beams and trusses.

Using ArchiFrame, it is possible to create a roof model directly on top of the existing wall models in the program. ArchiFrame’s 3D roof modeling means you can accurately plot and calculate roof angles and rotate beams and trusses at will.

The roof example we shared has a ridge beam supported by wall framing, thick I-beams supported by the framing and the ridge beam, roof rafters resting on the I-beams supporting the top layer of the roof, and extra small roof rafters supporting the eaves of the roof. The roof also has a valley rafter.

When building a roof in ArchiFrame, adjustments can easily be made and fine-tuning is possible through the groove tool which you can find in the extended tool palette menu.

Watch the video below for the full tutorial in English:

Read the full video transcript here.

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