ArchiFrame Roof structure

Transcript for the video “Archiframe Roof Element Using Framing”

(00:01) Hello. In this video, we will show you how to create a roof structure using Frame Elements tools.

(00:08) Let’s start by creating a new element type.

(00:13) Roof example 01 will be the element type ID and it will be based on Floors or roofs looked from top.

(00:23) This is a simple example with two layers: an exterior boarding and the main frame. Since we are looking from top, the boarding layer should come first.

(00:34) In the boarding layer, we will define the layer id as External Boarding.

(00:48) The layer will be ArchiFrame Boards.

(00:51) The layer thickness will be 48mm and the length 1000mm. The height will be 1500mm and the ID Boarding 1000x1500mm.

(01:11) Now for the main framing, let’s choose floor and roof with no sides.

(01:26) The layer will be ArchiFrame Planks. The thickness will be 48mm, the material ID will be 48x220mm, which means that the border material thickness will be 48mm and the height 220mm. Leave the spacing 600mm.

(01:49) Now let’s set this part. For the framing, the layer type will be “Main Framing”, which will not follow any layer. The anchor name can be Frame Interior and Frame Exterior.

(02:09) For the boarding set “Boarding Exterior” and following the main framing. The name can be Boarding Exterior.

(02:26) Now let’s check the roof that we have here. The first thing is to split this roof in four planes. For this, use the option “split into single planes roof”.

(02:41) Now we can place our element.

(02:44) Do not set any bottom or top level, because we want that the frame element follow the plan. With the plan selected, click on create new element from selection. ArchiFrame will ask to indicate a direction. Set from eaves to the top. Give an ID and create planks.

(03:13) Let’s check the result in 3D. As we can see, ArchiFrame placed in the right position. You can also choose to create all the frame elements first and in the end create the planks. From this point, you can apply the necessary operations to create your own roof according to your project.

(03:35) Thank you.