New ArchiFrame 2024 for AC 27: Meet the new features

The new ArchiFrame AC 27 version is here

We are excited to announce the new ArchiFrame is here: we hope you enjoy the features we have added to this new ArchiFrame for the Archicad 27 release.

New ArchiFrame features 

Check out the video above for a detailed run-down of the new ArchiFrame features. 
Here are some of our favorite ArchiFrame features:
  • Copy & Paste between Archicads is now supported! This is going be a useful feature for speeding up projects and improving collaboration. From October 2023 ArchiFrame supports copy & pasting between Archicads maintaining the relations between ArchiFrame-objects like ArchiFrameElement to the planks belonging to it and the other way round.  Please see the manual for details.
  • Double angled elements and boards which enables free modeling for roof constructions.
  • Copy & paste between elements: a new ArchiFrame feature that enables convenient copy and pasting of planks and boards between multiple wall-elements. Video with more details here.
  • New option in plank cutting tool palette, please see this video to find out more about DoubleCut and V-cut options.
  • Groove tool extended to produce angled drillings.
  • You now have the option to add horizontal elements without a related Archicad slab and there are better options for editing horizontal element levels, please see video here for more details.
  • Board support pieces option is very useful if you need to have support behind connecting boards. 
  • There are a few improvements in the drilling tool – most importantly the possibility to use 2D objects to add drillings. Drilling tool is now able to use 2D parts as a drilling operator, please see this video.
  • ArchiCorners feature that makes making corner planks a lot easier.
  • Feature to pack all relevant settings into a single file for support. Can also be used to archive your project and current settings.

Working with a new feature? To get more information please remember that you can get context sensitive help from any place pressing keys Alt+Shift+F1, in Mac Option+Shift+F1. 


Try out the new ArchiFrame yourself

Get the latest version of ArchiFrame by logging into the customer area here.  In the customer area you can also download a detailed list of the 100s of new features added to this version of ArchiFrame.

To use all new features in your own projects, please update your ArchiFrame add-on and ArchiFrame library.

We are committed to supporting all new ArchiFrame features for the latest Archicad, as well as the two older Archicad releases. For ArchiFrame Archicad 27-version we support all versions, starting from Archicad 22. Apple Silicon version is included starting from AC26, the Mac bundle is now universal containing both Intel and ARM-versions.

Is there an ArchiFrame feature you want us to include next?

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