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New ArchiFrame Features for 2023: Cutting, CNC & Scarf joints

An update to ArchiFrame is here & we are excited to share some of the new features that are now available in beta with you.

The video below has Benjamin Fischer, ArchiFrame Developer, go through the new ArchiFrame features he’s been working on in more detail, including the new “v-cut with selected line(s)” function in the Cut&Join tool. This makes cutting planks and machinings a lot faster, now also with an option to select multiple planks at once and bulk cut them.

New ArchiFrame features for 2023

Most of the new additions are CNC-related, including:

  • New beam cut type: Scarf joint has been added
  • New CNC-output for the Salvador cut saw
  • A new option for ‘Automatic cut top & bottom’.


Other key recent additions and amendments:

  • A setting to define element elevations’ max width to ArchiFrameElements.xml
  • Adding lintels/headers now trims any existing intersecting parallel piece to newly added lintel
  • Added support for AC26 versions re some special shape windows (great news for weatherboards)
  • Reserve for Teamwork now also reserves dim drawings’ frame even if there are multiple planks inside the frame
  • Truss tool: Now fill can be picked from rotated floor plan
  • XLSX-listings improvements: possibility to have the base listing AND user specific listings as separate file.


Benjamin Fischer, responsible for coding some of the latest changes, explains how most of it took place in “C++, GDL and Lua programming. The V-Cut machining required a lot of care as you are working with different CNC protocols (BVX, BVN, BTL)”.

See below for more detailed explanations on the changes and features from Benjamin himself.

What is the Cut&Join tool in general?

The Cut & Join tool provides ways of cutting planks and joining them together. There are now three methods of cutting planks: point, line and now V-Cut with selected lines.

What are the benefits of using ArchiFrame cutting tools?

Intuitive way of cutting planks using different methods.

What do the new V-cuts enable/mean?

The new V-Cut enable the user to create V-Cuts using lines that work for every angle instead of operator planks. It also allows the user to easily edit existing V-Cuts in an interactive way using hotspots as well as allowing the user to create V-Cuts in the section view.

How is this going to make users’ lives easier?

Creating V-Cuts using lines instead of operator planks can feel more intuitive and having a V-Cut that works for every angle makes the user feel less limited. Introducing editable hotspots for existing V-Cuts gives the user a better experience and can improve workflow speed.

Product development is always a top priority for us at ArchiFrame. We will be collecting more user feedback over Q1 & Q2 so expect more useful additions soon

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