ArchiFrame’s built-in CNC feature streamlines the manufacturing process

Prefabricated and modular building is a rapidly growing industry. The demand for efficient workflows at every stage of the offsite building process is evident. Many factors contribute to an effective construction operating system, but one that really boosts the manufacturing process is the use of CNC.  

CNC (computer numerical control) automates machining tools, such as mills, drills, and lathes, by controlling them with numerical symbols. CNC is embedded in a software that gives the microcomputer instructions on how to operate, cut, and shape. This means that a computer handles all the cutting and shaping of the material, producing accurate and desired results quickly and efficiently.

CNC is commonly used to manufacture metal and plastic, but its possibilities are also widely recognized in wooden structure modeling. CNC machine control is reliable, safe to operate, and time-efficient. Using CNC means that the possibility of human errors is reduced to a minimum, and even intricate designs can be replicated with consistent quantity and quality.

ArchiFrame has a built-in feature that makes it compatible with CNC machines. ArchiFrame supports CNC files in various formats: Hundegger bvn, btl, and wup Weinnmann-machine. ArchiFrame’s CNC feature brings a significant advantage to ArchiFrame users wanting to benefit from offsite building. 

CNC machining for large-scale element production & offsite building

ArchiFrame is widely used in the design of large-scale wooden buildings that are often built using CNC due to them being constructed from an ensemble of timber elements. As a result, the demands on the accuracy and detail of CNC-based data are high. ArchiFrame allows endless editing and reshaping of wooden elements throughout the modeling process. Finished plans can be easily outputted to CNC and manufactured quickly and easily with less errors. The end product will always look like your design and settings when you use ArchiFrame. 

The software allows you to seamlessly adjust and control all phases of construction. ArchiFrame streamlines the work by offering the ultimate CAD software that operates seamlessly from an architect’s drawing all the way to CNC files.

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