Turn Architects' Plans into Complete Wooden Structures - Everything in a Single ArchiCAD Model

About us

The founders of ArchiSolutions: Pauli Jantunen, Petteri Heiskari, Halvor Sandbu

We have been developing ArchiFrame since 2009. Our new spinoff company, ArchiSolutions, which focuses on wooden structures, was established in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

We are committed to provide increasingly effective tools for the structural design of wooden houses. Our goal is to extend our world-class, user-friendly application of ArchiCAD to structural design. This will allow our users to concentrate on real engineering work instead of error-prone routines like remodeling buildings. This enables them to streamline their processes, which can be handled from architects’ designs through to CNC machines in a single model. This enhances quality and makes the whole process more effective.

Our coding team has built up a wealth of experience of BIM coding since the 1990s. We have developed successful solutions for many companies, including complex building solutions. We are able to develop tailored solutions for your own specific needs.

We will give you the tools and provide training to enable you to improve your processes significantly.

Let us help you to move to the next level!

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