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New ArchiFrame Features For Archicad 24 - Download The New ArchiFrame Now


We like to improve and upgrade ArchiFrame based on user feedback where we can - and 2020 is no different! Since we released the last ArchiFrame version back in 2019 we have made some significant improvements to our software. Some key areas of development include the truss tool, element settings, planks and machinings, BIMx, and element listings. If you are an existing customer you can simply download the latest ArchiFrame update from the Customer Area under the Downloads tab. Here is an overview of the new ArchiFrame features for Archicad 24 - which one is your favorite?

Mandatory online license

From Archicad 24 onwards, you will now need an online license to be able to use ArchiFrame. Set up your own online license by logging in, opening ArchiFrame settings, choosing Online license, and then clicking license settings. Enter your online license credentials (the same ones that you use on our website Then go ahead and select one of the available licenses from the listed license pool. You now have an online license!

Improved truss tool

The new and improved ArchiFrame truss tool allows you to create and edit trusses parametrically, which leads to a quicker and less error-prone workflow. For more details please see the online help section for the truss tool.

New features in planks and machinings

ArchiFrame now shows grooves as rounded, better simulating the cuts made by CNC machines. You also now have the ability to save joint presets in the special plank tools joints menu. To save a preset, define the joint settings and click the “+” button near the right edge of the window. There is also a new housing depth parameter for the tenon and mortise joint.

Better ID visibility in BIMx 3D views

You now have the ability to change the material for IDs in 3D and also mirror IDs in 3D. ArchiFrame now also shows IDs on the inner and outermost surfaces of walls, ensuring that they are always visible.

New features in elements and boards

You now have new settings for nailings, allowing you to:

  • Set a minimum distance between nails and grooves/drillings
  • Move nailings away from the middle of a plank (the default position).

Element settings contain a new wall to floor joint top.

If there is enough space, the Z-stagger framing option now creates double:

  • top/bottom plates
  • left/right studs
  • planks surrounding openings.

You also have the ability to leave a gap between boards using Plank tools ▶ Special operations ▶ Gap between selected boards.

When duplicating elements, the minimum distance rule is no longer applied to the new copy. Element settings now have sub panes. This makes the windows smaller and more convenient to use. You also have the possibility to set projection texts by script. For example, you can display layer offsets and corner types next to a projection.

Improved element listings

There are now new calculation parameters for ArchiFrame planks:

  • Material name
  • Machinings text
These can be included in an Archicad schedule. Element listings are now also at a faster writing speed with better compatibility with Excel (new for Mac users).

CNC-related improvements

Many small updates and improvements for Weinmann wup & btl and Hundegger bvn-output have been rolled into this latest ArchiFrame update.

A note on layouts for Archicad 23/24 users

There are still some problems with automatically updating layouts - please be careful with them or disable the automatic updates until the error is fixed by Graphisoft.

Check out our YouTube video of the most important features:


And pdf-version of the newsletter here.

Enjoy the new & improved ArchiFrame!

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